Check out some of our recent presentations

We met with a group of students at SLU to raise awareness.

AAF had the pleasure of speaking to the middle schoolers at Priemer Charter School.  

AAF teamed up with Lancers helping lancers at Lafayette High School to put on an awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. 

We participated and presented at the first ever mental health awareness day at Valley Park High School.

AAF presented to the Life After High School class at Marquette high school.

Online Presentations

Our foundation offers mental wellness and suicide prevention presentations on Zoom. We are talking with youth and adults in any group. We can help personalize the presentation for you. Contact us for more information!

I loved that you guys love to help people that are in tough situations and you guys are the best for helping people!

Ashley A.

Thank y’all for being in this position for us because sometimes I have depression.


What I liked about the presentation was that I learned a lot about how to prevent suicide and now I know a lot more information

Kasey C.